Archiver v1.1.0

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a streaming interface for archive generation

Visit the API documentation for a list of all methods available.


npm install archiver --save


var archiver = require('archiver');
var archive = archiver.create('zip', {}); // or archiver('zip', {});


Archiver ships with out of the box support for TAR and ZIP archives.

You can register additional formats with registerFormat.

Formats will be changing in the next few releases to implement a middleware approach.


1.1.0 August 29, 2016_Diff

  • minor doc fixes.
  • bump deps to ensure latest versions are used.

1.0.1July 27, 2016Diff

  • minor doc fixes.
  • dependencies upgraded.

1.0.0April 5, 2016Diff

  • version unification across many archiver packages.
  • dependencies upgraded and now using semver caret (^).

0.21.0December 21, 2015Diff

  • core: add support for entry.prefix. update some internals to use it.
  • core(glob): when setting options.cwd get an absolute path to the file and use the relative path for #173
  • core(bulk): soft-deprecation of bulk feature. will remain for time being with no new features or support.
  • docs: initial jsdoc for core.
  • tests: restructure a bit.

0.20.0November 30, 2015Diff

  • simpler path normalization as path.join was a bit restrictive. #162
  • move utils to separate module to DRY.

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